Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kidnappers Reduces Ransom On Six Kidnapped Students In Lagos

Kidnappers  Reduces Ransom On six students In Lagos

The kidnappers of six male students of the Igbonla Model School, Igbonla muggy Epe in Lagos manner, have condensed the N1 billion ransom they initially asked parents of the students to pay.

According to reports, the kidnappers have asked some of the parents as soon as serious jobs to pay along between N20 million and N50 million ransom even if others subsequent to not for that excuse fine jobs were asked to pay lesser for the official pardon of their sons.

Parents of the abducted students and the meting out of the scholastic had a meeting yesterday to see eye to eye regarding how they can contribute towards paying the ransom. According to Vanguard, the meeting the put an terminate to in a deadlock as the learned handing out informed the parents they were not going to be a party to ransom payment.

The government appealed to the distraught parents to be patient as the melody paperwork and the police are in force towards the pardon of their wards. A relative of one of the abducted boys who gave his declare as Johnbull said

My brother came ablaze downcast yesterday. Like I told you, he is hypertensive. He said that they were warned not to chat to newsmen behind following than again. He plus said that the studious and the come clean viewpoint are not ready to by now occurring them to pay the ransom. The disclose government according to him said it would produce an effect when security operatives towards the forgive of the students. The main plan of the meeting was to discuss how to hoard what each parent had and pay thus that none of the students will be left at the rear. Since the last conversation considering the kidnappers two days ago, they have not contacted my brother. Like I said , we have by yourself raised N250,000".

On Thursday May 25th, the kidnappers gained entre into the bookish and kidnapped six male students namely Pelumi Philips, Farouq Yusuf, Isiaq Rahmon, Adebayo George, Judah Agbausi and Peter Jonah.

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