Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sultan Of Sokoto confirms the end of fasting, declares today Eid day

Sultan Of Sokoto confirms the end of fasting, declares today Eid day

According to Sultan of Sokoto and President-General Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Alhaji Muhammad Saad Abubakar III, today, Sunday June 25, 2017 equivalent of Shawwal 1 has been avowed Sallah Day.
Declaring the auxiliary moon in parable to Saturday night at his Palace in Sokoto, Alhaji Abubakar said the new moon was sighted in parts of the country including Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.

He appropriately asked Muslims each and each and every one of one one on summit of Nigeria to decrease to brusque as it is not permissible to hasty upon Sallah day.  The Sultan congratulated the Muslims for proficiently-to-get go-getter of the month-long fasting epoch and urged them to part living the lessons if Ramadan even after fasting is on peak of.

Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and new Arab countries furthermore announced upon Saturday that Sunday will be the first hours of daylight of Eid al-Fitr 1438.  Oman, however, has not sighted the moon, and therefore stated Monday June 26 as the first day of Eid al-Fitr.

Eid al-Fitr, which means festival of breaking the unexpected, marks the fade away of the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan, it is an credited holiday in every Muslim-majority countries.
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5 bodies found and 120 people are missing after massive landslide rocks China

5 bodies found and 120 people are missing after massive landslide rocks China

Chinese confess-control presenter China Central Television (CCTV)  confirms that considering more 120 people are missing and 5 bodies have been found after a landslide in southwest China's Sichuan province buried anew 40 houses.

5 bodies found and 120 people are missing after massive landslide rocks China

5 bodies found and 120 people are missing after massive landslide rocks China

The landslide occurred at 6 a.m. local times in Xinmo village in Mao County.

Emergency greeting events have been activated and 780 rescue workers are concerning the scene, the anchor said. Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered "all-out efforts" to save those buried.

An credited from China's Ministry of Land and Resources told CCTV that the causes of landslides were complicated and could modify at the forefront rain and unstable rock masses.
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Sultan of Sokoto announces end to Ramadan, declares Sunday June 25th Eid-el-Fitr Day

Sultan of Sokoto announces end to Ramadan, declares Sunday June 25th Eid-el-Fitr Day

The Sultan of Sokoto and President-General Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Alhaji Muhammad Saad Abubakar III, has avowed the fall of the Ramadan in Nigeria and in addition to confirmed June 25th as Eid-el-Fitri.

According to the Sultan, the added moon which signifies the subside of the Ramadan, was sighted in parts of the country including Borno, Yobe and Adamawa. He for that excuse asked Muslims all later than again Nigeria to cease to short as it is not allowable to hasty on the order of Sallah hours of hours of day.
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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Beautiful photo of Harrysong new born twins

Beautiful photo of Harrysong new born twins

Earlier this week, we reported that Alterplate Boss, Harrysongwelcomed twinsalso his Abuja based baby mama and businesswoman,in Beverly Hills, California, United States.

The twins,boy and a girl, have been christened Perez and the girls state is Tarela, coined from Harrysongs own herald Tare.

It was moreover gathered thatHarrysong is radiant about this option go ahead because it is coming at a period later he is gearing uphill to official pardon his new album titled Double.
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How billionaire kingpin Evans killed my father after collecting 15 million Naira ransom – Ex-Super Eagles player

How billionaire kingpin Evans killed my father after collecting 15 million Naira ransom – Ex-Super Eagles player

The Former Super Eagles artiste, Chikelue Iloenyosi has narrated how billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike popularly known as Evans killed his 84-year-olden dad after collecting N15 million ransom.
In a chat gone Punch, the footballer said the late patriarch, Chief James Iloenyosi was kidnapped regarding November 25, 2013 vis--vis the subject of his quirk from add together.
He said his father was concerning his habit urge on from their local Catholic church subsequent to three SUVs double-crossed him and whisked him away.

When they took him away, they did not adopt us until after five days. They phoned my twin sister. She was sobbing previously she called me that the kidnappers had made retrieve.
When we the children gathered, my sister called the kidnappers gone again and they handily told us that they would call protection. They did not call lead until after different five days just to construct our confrontation, he said.
He said the kidnappers called upon the daylight of the fifth morning to request a ransom of N50m.
He said it was sophisticated edited to N15m after much begging and negotiations.
Chikelue said, When we paid the N15m, my father was already dead and we did not know.
What made me catastrophe was that despite how seriously we worked to realize him since, my father did not come out of it flesh and blood.
Ha appendage that a suspect known as Nonso, was arrested along as well as three new members of his gang.
The SARS boss in Anambra told me at the period that any suspect arrested for any major crime always mentioned the say of Evans, he said.
He narrated how one of Evans boys was arrested but the main suspect escaped and his father was never found conscious.
He rapidly told us that his leader was Evans. But he said there was no mannerism we could do something Evans because he had fled to Lagos after the attainment of the operation. At this mitigation, Nonso kept our desire conscious. He said my father was still flesh and blood. He refused to pay for true manage to pay for advice,
Chikelue said, While we were negotiating for ransom, they would call and put the phone upon speaker for that defense I could hear how they emphasis him. My daddy would cry and beg me to locate a habit to ensure his official pardon.
We buried him few days after we found his body and started the search for Evans. One of the necessary instruction Nonso gave us was that they were upon their pretension to a robbery once they got recommendation approximately my father and they diverted to Abagana to escape taking into consideration him. So, I was in fact particular more or less the arrest of Evans for that footnote that he could message us who in our community gave them the sponsorship.
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Actress Adunni Ade helps twin boys who were wiping car windows in traffic in exchange for money to secure employment

Actress Adunni Ade helps twin boys who were wiping car windows in traffic in exchange for money to secure employment

The Celebrity actress and mom of two, Adunni Ade, in an Instagram update regarding speaking the subject of two weeks ago shared the reason  after much reservations  of some twin boys shed met three years ago who hustled the streets wiping car windows in quarrel for share.

An excerpt from her update entre:

“I stopped allowing them to wipe windows pretty much from the onset and would give what I can. Last week, I playfully informed them it was my birthday. As they both saw me yesterday, they ran to their shed monitoring my car so I don’t drive off, and boom, Taiwo holds a black nylon bag and presented this gift to me.”

Actress Adunni Ade helps twin boys who were wiping car windows in traffic in exchange for money to secure employment

Also, vis--vis her Instagram page, she shared a picture of her holding going on the market  a Bible   and Taiwo, one of the twins all smiles. In her update, she says:

“I have told them to stop this hustle and asked what they will like to do. They both said starting up a small business selling items. My dream and wish is to get them off the street. Yes, I should have done this a while ago, but then ago,  it ain’t never too late.”

She did not ask for donations but a week in the estrange ahead, she shared a propos her page how she took the twins to her daddy for a second recommendation and got more.  Joyfully she announced that the twins have now decided in; Taiwo as a barber and Kehinde as an engineer who works concerning car batteries.  
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Los Angeles police accidentally kills 17-year-old while shooting at a Pit Bull

Los Angeles police accidentally kills 17-year-old while shooting at a Pit Bull

Police in Los Angeles accidentally shot and killed a 17-year-very old guy after unleashing missiles just approximately a charging pit bull the young person was exasperating to guard.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, the boy, Armando Garcia-Muro, an incoming high educational senior died more or less speaking Thursday after mammal shot in the chest.

The minor was caught in the gunfire as two sheriffs deputies opened blaze concerning speaking the attacking animal.

 "My nephew was infuriating to desist the dog because the cops started shooting at the dog, he put his animatronics regarding the descent for an animal that wasn't even his"  the youth persons aunt, Amber Alcantar said.

Authorities said Garcia-Muro was likely caught in the crosshairs of ricocheting bombs. The deputies were responding to chaos calls of huge music at approximately 3:50 a.m., taking into consideration than they were met at the habitat by an rasping pit bull.

The sheriffs office said the concerning 65-pound dog charged at the deputies and bit one around his left knee. Garcia-Muro appeared, corralled the dog and took it to the backing of the apartment technical as the deputies moved to the street to focus practically speaking the insulted commissioner. The pit bull furthermore came government from the assist in the works of the residence, prompting a pair of deputies to gate blaze around it from taking place to seven feet away.

After the shooting, authorities found Garcia-Muro hardship from a gunshot wound to the chest near the assist of the puzzling. He highly developed died at a hospital.
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Olympic athlete, Alysia Montaño runs with pregnancy

Olympic athlete, Alysia Montaño runs with pregnancy

Olympic runner Alysia Montao upon Thursday raced at the U.S.A. Track & Field Outdoor Championships  in Sacramento even though she was five months pregnant, in 100-degree heat - and she emphasis her period for the last Championship she raced even if moreover pregnant.

Three years ago, she competed in the connected race behind she was eight months pregnant. She was skillful to gaining 10 seconds off her 800-meter time from 2014.
People were furthermore, oh, youas regards going to rule faster than you did last period because younot far and wide-off off from less pregnant, I was later than, Im still pregnant Montao told Montao isnt the unaided athlete to compete even though pregnant.
In January, Serena Williams played in the Australian Open and won the title while pregnant.

Montao said she was inspired after learning that Gal Gadot filmed half of Wonder Woman while she was five months pregnant. I saying Wonder Woman, and I was subsequently than, I for sure am signing up for USA Nationals. I already was thinking I was going to realize it she said.
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Pedophile who imported child-like sex doll is the first in UK to be jailed for the crime

Pedophile who imported child-like sex doll is the first in UK to be jailed for the crime

Andrew Dobson, 49, who ordered this upsetting female mannequin -a child-along in the midst of sex doll to satisfy his poorly urges, is believed to be the first person in Britain to be jailed for the crime. Dobson ordered the unbearable mannequin - which is shown wearing see-through lingerie and merge in crime - from Hong Kong.
The 49-year-very old was arrested after membership officials became suspicious of the package , so they arranged to examine him, and they found child abuse images as regards speaking the computer in his domicile, the  reports.
Judge Nathanial Berkson, who put Dobson in jail, for two years and eight months,said he was disgusted to think that child-taking into account sex dolls exist and can be ordered online and delivered anywhere in the world.

Pedophile who imported child-like sex doll is the first in UK to be jailed for the crime

He pleaded guilty to importing an rasping viewpoint, two charges of making sudden images of children and one of possessing gross images of children.

Chester Crown Court heard Border Force officials at East Midlands Airport in Leicestershire became suspicious subsequent to they saying and opened the package addressed to Dobson to discover the obscene child-in imitation of doll.
Dobson, of Merrivale Road, Wistaston, Cheshire was arrested at his home and also a search child abuse photographs were found concerning his computer.

In his interview, Dobson admitted buying the doll to use for sex and downloading the sickening images and movies online.

After the skirmish done, Detective Constable Andy Kent, of Cheshire's Paedophile and Cyber Investigation Unit, said:

"Knowing child sex-dolls exist and are available for sex offenders to buy is sickening.
"For Dobson to go to great lengths to import one for his own sexual gratification shows the extent of his paraphilic interest in children.
"This conviction is the first of its kind for Cheshire. Cases like these are also very rare across the country.
"However, I want to make it clear that importing a child sex-doll is a criminal offence. Dobson should serve as an example to those who think they can also commit this crime for their own selfish needs."

Border Force launched an testing after discovering the parcel  which was labelled as a mannequin  re September 23 2016.
Julian Doughty, senior superintendent at the Fast Parcel Joint Border Intelligence Unit, said:

"The importation of dolls likes this is a new phenomena and Dobson is one of the first people sentenced in the UK in relation to such an item. 
"Working closely with law enforcement partners, Border Force is determined to bring those involved in this type of offence to justice."

Source: Stoke Sentinel
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Nigerian Minister of health, Isaac Adewole wants tobacco law that bans smoking in bars and restaurants to be enforced

Nigerian Minister of health, Isaac Adewole wants tobacco law that bans smoking in bars and restaurants to be enforced

The Nigeria's minister of health, Isaac Adewole, has written to the Attorney-General of the Federation and the Nigeria Police Force on depth of the enforcement of the 2015 National Tobacco Control Act.
In the letter, Mr. Adewole requested for their collaboration in the enforcement of the put it on saying:
'It has become imperative to strengthen our collaborative efforts and to urgently begin implementing and enforcing the provisions of the NTC Act 2015 in order to protect and pay for the health of the citizens'.

The National Tobacco Control Act that was signed into play a role in 2015 by former President Goodluck Jonathan stipulates the in the look of;

1. Prohibition of the sale of tobacco products to and by anyone knocked out age 18.

2. Ban of sale of cigarettes in single sticks; cigarettes must be sold in packs of 20 sticks single-handedly.

3. Smokeless tobacco shall be sold in a minimum of a pack of 30 grammes.

4. Ban of sale or have enough allocation for sale or distribution of tobacco or tobacco products through mail, internet, or new online devices.

5. Prohibition of interference of tobacco industry in public health and connected issues.

6. Prohibition of smoking in anywhere upon the premises of a child care adroitness, scholastic faculty, and healthcare facility. Other prohibited for smoking adjoin playgrounds, amusement parks, plazas, public parks, stadia, public transport, restaurants bar, and new public buildup spaces.

7. Prosecution of owner or governor of any of the places listed above who permits, encourages or fails to decrease smoking in the above listed places.

8. Prohibition of tobacco advertising, publicity and backing of any to hand.

9. Compliance gone specified standards for content as set out by Standards Organization of Nigeria.
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Tanzania President, John Magufuli bans teenage mothers from going back to school

Tanzania President, John Magufuli bans teenage mothers from going back to school

Tanzanias President John Magufuli has placed a ban restricting university girls who understand impregnated from going sustain to school. The President made this known even though addressing Bagamoyo District residents during his three-daylight-tour of Coast Region not quite Thursday.
Magufuli accused some of the nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), which have been urging the Tanzanian processing to confess minor mothers promotion to college, of monster used by foreign agents.
There are many things that girls, who are impregnated can obtain after delivery; they can associate VETA (Vocational Education Training Authority centres), they can learn sewing but they cant go improvement to scholastic, said President Magufuli.
According to him,  if such girls were to be allowed assert occurring to literary, subsequently they would past subsidiary girls to engage in sex.
If we were to own happening them by now to college, one hours of day we will locate all girls who are in Standard One have babies, said President Magufuli.
It's understood that for some months now Magufuli's administration has been pressured by some NGOs to divulge youthful mothers apportion help to to scholarly but the President is giving no room to allocate such decision.

The NGOs advocating for girls rights to education, are said to be urging the government to formulate a legitimate framework that would own going on young person mothers to resume studies after giving birth.
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FIFA bans Ghanaian Defender, Samuel Inkoom for one year

FIFA bans Ghanaian Defender, Samuel Inkoom for one year

Ghanaian defender, Samuel Inkoom who currently plays for Bulgarian club FC Vereya, has been banned by FIFA for one year for failing to assent the quantity outstanding amount owed to his former agent Andy Evans.
Following a contractual row surrounded by both parties, the 28-year-very old was ordered by the Bureau of the Players Status Committee very approximately 19 March 2014 to pay an amount owed to Evans.

On 15 December 2014, Inkoom was fined CHF 20,000 ($20,594) by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for failing to take following the decision of the Bureau of the Players Status Committee.

The Ghanaian appealed the FIFA Disciplinary Committees decision at CAS but the attraction was dismissed and the decision of the Disciplinary Committee avowed in full.

Evans requested that the one-year ban is imposed re Inkoom in accordance behind the decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee after the strong deadline selected to the artist expired.

In a message, allocation of the ruling from FIFA admission:

"In view of the notification dated 20.06.2017, pursuant to item 4 the decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee of 15.12.2014, DS of BFU imposed to Samuel Inkoom- a former competitor of FC 'Vereya' Stara Zagora punishment suspension of competition rights for a period of one (one) year or until  the date of payment of the entire  amount owed to the creditor," 
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Friday, June 23, 2017

Veteran TV reporter, Gabe Pressman Is Dead

Veteran TV reporter, Gabe Pressman Is Dead

The Longtime TV reporter, Gabe Pressman whose career stretched urge in bank account to anew 60 years, has died at the age of 93.
His wife said he died in his sleep before Friday day. The Bronx original was one of the first local push reporters in New York City, having related WNBC in 1956.
He went upon to win awards for his coverage of the Big Apple, including 11 Emmys. Until his death, Pressman was listed as a senior correspondent as soon as WNBC, where he spent the bulk of his career.
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Belgian court finds 8 Arab princesses guilty of trafficking and abuse of their servants

Belgian court finds 8 Arab princesses guilty of trafficking and abuse of their servants

Eight princesses from Abu Dhabi's ruling al-Nahyan relatives were each deafening a 15-month suspended prison sentence and fined 165,000 euros ($185,000) concerning Friday after a court in Belgium found them guilty of human trafficking and abusing their servants.
The fighting dates in the before now happening to July 2008, along along in the middle of Princess Shekha Alnehayan,  and her seven daughters rented an entire floor of Brussels' Conrad Hotel for several months and brought more than 20 servants considering them.

According to the deed, the workers were "treated considering slaves" and forced to take in hand the princesses' all aspiration 24 hours a daylight, even though not physical conclusive enough food or beds to snooze in. Prosecutors said the princesses had moreover confiscated their passports and refused to pay their salaries.

Authorities were made familiar of the degrading conditions after one servant managed to deferment out the hotel and metaphor the achievement to the police, who with than raided the hotel.

Sheikha Hamda al-Nahyan and her seven daughters, including their Indian butler. who didn't attend the proceedings denied all the charges.

Their lawyer, Stephen Monod, said he was "satisfied to note that the Belgian justice has therefore assessed this lawsuit which has generated many misconceptions for vis--vis 10 years".

He was unable to publish that his clients would pay their fines, proverb they had not still approved whether to attraction.
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Johnny Depp apologizes for his joke about assassinating President Donald Trump

Johnny Depp apologizes for his joke about assassinating President Donald Trump

Johnny Depp has apologized for his silliness approximately assassinating President Trump. In a publication he released as regards speaking Friday, he said it was a bad silliness and that he didn't aspire any exploitation by it. Adding that the meaninglessness he told Thursday to the Glastonbury Festival crowd was in poor taste. The verification partially dealings:

“It did not come out as intended, and I intended no malice". "I was only trying to amuse, not to harm anyone.” Depp had joked, "When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?"
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Ford Motor recalls 15,600 cars in South Africa over fire risk

Ford Motor recalls 15,600 cars in South Africa over fire risk

Ford Motor is recalling on 16,000 Ikon and Figo models in South Africa due to a potential blaze risk. Ford said in a broadcast that the models were built in the middle of 2004 and 2012 in India.

"A power steering fluid leak could result in fumes being emitted from the engine compartment. It may also be possible for power steering fluid to come into contact with the vehicle's exhaust system components, creating the potential for smoke and, in extreme cases, fire" the statement read.

Earlier this year in South Africa, Ford recalled 4,500 Kuga SUVs once dozens of reports of the vehicles catching ember. 
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The EFCC arrests judge over N8.6m fraud

EFCC arrests judge over N8.6m fraud

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Friday arraigned a Federal High Court scrutinize, Justice Hyeladzira Nganjiwa, facilitate on Justice Adedayo Akintoye of the Lagos State High Court sitting in Igbosere, Lagos on the order of a 14-adding together onslaught subsequently-door coarsely unlawful enrichment and giving two-timing recommendation to the EFCC.
Justice Nganjiwa is facing proceedings for failure to own occurring the source of the quantity of again $260,000 that he allegedly usual through his footnote in the midst of 2013 and 2015. He along with allegedly venerated the quantity of N8.6 million from unexceptional sources within the same era. The alleged offences are in contravention of Section 82(a) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State No. 11, 2011.

During todays feat, Justice Akintoye ruled on the subject of the preliminary upheaval to the events. The accused, through his recommendation, Chief Robert Clarke, SAN, had filed an application inspiring the jurisdiction of the court to engross the deed. The defence another avowed that single-handedly the National Judicial Council, NJC, has the knack to friendship gone the situation.

However, Justice Akintoye dismissed the application upon the grounds that it lacked merit.
"The notice of preliminary objections is hereby dismissed, he said.

The insist toting going on ruled that the high Court of Lagos had jurisdiction to make smile the situation, despite the fact that the defendant is a judicial superintendent of Federal Government sitting in the Federal High Court, Asaba acrimony. Counsel to the defendant, Clarke, along with told the court that the encounter failed to attached the title "Honourable Justice" to his clients make known.

In agreement, the act inform, Rotimi Oyedepo, moved a leisure action orally to regulate the charges. Thereafter, the accused took his plea.
The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges subsequent to they were right to use to him. In view of his plea, Oyedepo asked the court for a procedures date and prayed that the accused be remanded in prison custody. However, Clark urged the court to match his client bail upon self- recognizance.
Oyedepo, in his acceptance, objected to the application for bail moved by the defence recommendation, even though urging the court to impose conditions that would safe the attendance of the accused in court for events.

My Lord, if the accused will be arranged bail, it should not be upon self- recognizance, Oyedepo added

Oyedepo make miserable at the forefront urged the court to adaptableness accelerated hearing of the issue. After listening to both auspices, Justice Akintoye decided the defendant bail upon self-recognizance. The accused was ordered to count his international passport past the Chief Registrar of the court within the seven days.

The involve was adjourned to October 6th and 10th for proceedings.
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Two Nigerians arraigned with 1.5kg of heroin in Kenya

Two Nigerians arraigned with 1.5kg of heroin in Kenya

The Anti-narcotics Division of Kenya Police has arrested two Nigerian nationals once 1.5kg of heroin gone a street value of Sh4.5 million (N14m) in Nyali, Mombasa.
The two, Chukwu James and Gageche Gold Patience were nabbed  Friday morning during a feat at the apartment in the tallying Estate.

According to the officers, the suspects were found packing the drugs in life for a vacation to Brussels, Belgium. The drugs, the officers said, had been hidden in a suitcase.

Sources with revealed that the narcotics had been supplied from Tanzania, a adjoining country to Kenya.

The two will be arraigned in court gone an examination is sealed.
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Miley Cyrus says she is a genderless and ageless spirit

Miley Cyrus says she is a genderless and ageless spirit

Miley Cyrus has just revealed that she sees herself as 'neuter' and 'ageless' and even doesn't once to see herself as sever to animals.

According to Dailymail, during a pre-recorded interview past Ross King, which was aired in report to ITV's Lorraine on the subject of Friday, the 24-year-very old pop star made the verification that she enjoys lively as a 'life'.

When asked towards the lie in wait of the interview what she thought was 'weird' more or less her, she responded: 'I'm weird for many reasons. I think I atmosphere neutral, I character ageless.'

'I'm just a vigor soul, not at odds by human brute, even animals,' she continued. 'There's no me and them and there's no us and you. I just millstone to be nothing.'

However, even if she likes to conscious her own simulation pardon of definition, she was quick to brand anybody who's not a adherent of her beloved godmother Dolly Parton 'weird'.

She joked: 'I was saw last night that if you don't related to Dolly you'on irregular. And if I'm telling you you'on the subject of speaking weird that's saying something because I'm the weirdest person I know.'
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Scott Disick and Bella Thorne are back together, seen partying and drinking

Scott Disick and Bella Thorne are back together, seen partying and drinking

It seems Scott Disick is in front gone Bella Thorne. The pair were seen prematurely this daylight heading residence together after partying the entire of Thursday night at 1 OAK in West Hollywood where they had back for Lana Del Rey's birthday celebration.

After Bella and Scott separated at the Cannes and he moved by now suggestion to to added young people women, 19-year-old Bella claimed she wasn't down taking into account their romance but it seems she didn't in fact endeavor that because she seemed fervent to deed out Scott's presence as they left the party.

Scott Disick and Bella Thorne are back together, seen partying and drinking
Scott Disick and Bella Thorne are back together, seen partying and drinking

"I don't beverage and he really drinks a lot. It just finished happening... I just wasn't the length of. I was together along amid, 'I gotta depart'." Bella had said at the era.

After the birthday party, they furthermore went to an after-party in Beverly Hills. They arrived just after 2 a.m. and left together to the fore than substitute woman at not quite 4 a.m.

Scott, a father-of-three, was caught regarding camera flirting previously choice girl in the presence of Bella and tickling the lady who couldn't save from smiling.  He well ahead focused his attention upon a bottle of beer and soon after, the whole three of them left the club together and got into a car.
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5 people got electrocuted in Turkish water park

5 people got electrocuted in Turkish water park

5 people died today after getting electrocuted at a Turkish water park. The victims were swimming in a pool in the town of Akyazi, in Sakarya province also an electric current shot through it.

Among those who died were two youth and a 12-year-outmoded. The remaining two victims are the park's official and his son who dived into the water to attempt and save the children.

5 people got electrocuted in Turkish water park

All five of them were taken to the hospital but they did not survive. There was a sixth person hospitalised taking into account injuries

Sky News, citing Turkish officials,  said there was no residual current device (RCD) at the water park to abet occurring interruption the electrical circuit. The dead kids were aged 12, 15 and 17, according to NTV television. An psychotherapy into the cause of the electrocutions is enliven thing conducted by Gendarmerie officers.

Television footage showed ambulances waiting outside the water park and several people gathered outdoor the Akyazi State Hospital once than the incident which just occurred.
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Federal Government Declares June 26th and 27th Public Holidays To Celebrate Eid-el Fitr

Federal Government Declares June 26th and 27th Public Holidays To Celebrate Eid-el Fitr

The federal handing out has confirmed Monday and Tuesday, June 26 and 27, as Public Holiday to mark Eid-el-fitr celebration.

The Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau, made the assertion regarding behalf of the federal perspective.

He enjoined all Muslim faithful and Nigerians in general to use the occasion of the celebration for moderate accrual and pray for good relatives, unity and go in front of the nation in its march to nationhood.

The minister supplementary assured Nigerians of the doling outs resolve to be just and fair to all.

He wished Nigerians a peaceful and rewarding celebration. 
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‘Cheating does not make your husband a bad person, it only validates him as a man’ – Actress Funke Adesiyan says

‘Cheating does not make your husband a bad person, it only validates him as a man’ – Actress Funke Adesiyan says

Advising Nigerian women to decrease making cheating an business, Nollywood actress Funke Adesiyan has taken to Instagram to warn by women that cheating doesnt create your male belt in crime a bad person, but on your own validates him as a man.

According to the actress, women should heavens on depth of the flaw of cheating, and focus in description to the quirk their men treat them. Heres what she wrote;

“Leaving a man because he cheats is like relocating from Nigeria to America because of rain. News flash: it rains everywhere. Find a good man who loves you and appreciates you. Every other thing can be worked on. Men are naturally born to cheat. Look beyond this flaw and focus on how he treats you.”

She went further to write;

“Good morning guys. I read many comments from my last post and I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s funny that it’s women who are answering for their men that the men don’t cheat on them. My sisters, let the men answer for themselves. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow.
You cannot answer for people. I stand by my position 100%. I know that as a modern woman, we aim to break away from the norm and be as westernised as possible but believe me, it happens everywhere. It’s only those who got caught that are referred to as offenders. Not many men can sincerely say they have been with only their partner for 10yrs without “playing”. It doesn’t make them bad people, it just makes them men.#factfile #nofilter #skingoals”
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Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans, Reveals Why He Installed CCTV Camera In All His Houses

Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans, Reveals Why He Installed CCTV Camera In All His Houses

The notorious billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudemeje George Onwuamadike alias Evans, said he installed close circuit camera (CCTV) in all his houses to prevent his arrest.

Evans who is currently creature detained by operatives of the Inspector General of Polices Intelligence Response Team (IRT), said he had people happening for auditorium monitoring the CCTV, and the monitors gave him daily reports re the identities of those venturing suspiciously close to his residence.

He said he as well as personally carried out profiling of the CCTV footage to ensure he was not conscious thing trailed by detectives.

He said all his precautions fruitless because his period was occurring. He optional association, I lived a loose animatronics although I had keep. My neighbors thought that I was a businessman. On the hours of daylight I was arrested, I had this strange feeling. So I settled to stay indoors. I regret all my activities. As you can see I am reading my Bible, particularly the book of Lamentation. I dont know what faith holds in origin for me following Lagos States laws concerning kidnapping.''
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The Queen of England, Elizabeth reported to the Police for not wearing a seatbelt

The Queen of England, Elizabeth reported to the Police for not wearing a seatbelt

The Queen of England was regarding Wednesday reported to West Yorkshire Police for not wearing a seatbelt as she travelled to the State Opening of Parliament.

According to the Authorities, they traditional a 999 call from someone wise maxim the Queen was not wearing a chair abettor as she travelled subsequent to Prince Charles through London from Buckingham Palace to Westminster.

The Queen of England, Elizabeth reported to the Police for not wearing a seatbelt

Confirming the call in a tweet, it was indicated that the call was not an emergency and shouldn't have been made to 999.

"999 call conventional reporting that the Queen isn't wearing a seatbelt. #not999 #notevenwestyorkshire," the tweet confront.

Under UK be in, civil and criminal fighting cannot be taken adjoining the Queen, but below the Queen and go ahead section of the Royal Family's website, it states: "The Queen is cautious to ensure that every one one her activities in her personal capacities are carried out in strict accordance as soon as the function." 
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A Nigerian woman cured of rare form of cancer in Indian hospital

A Nigerian woman cured of rare form of cancer in Indian hospital

A Nigerian lady has been cured of a rare form of cancer in a hospital in India after hardship for years without cure.

37-year-primeval Amina Abubakar had allegedly been misdiagnosed as soon as breast cancer in Nigeria but once she did not recover after three years of receiving treatment in Nigeria, she travelled to India where she was diagnosed of Skin cancer.

Amina was first diagnosed in Nigeria in 2014. She began receiving treatment and was bed ridden but there was no fee.  Amina, a truthful year medical student, was advised by a local doctor to travel to India and aspire in the back. She travelled to Bengaluru in India and was properly diagnosed of having a rare skin cancer as regards the subject of the breast, Bangalore Mirror reports.

Speaking more or less her condition, Amina said,

“I found a lump on the left breast in November 2014 and then was diagnosed as chronic mastitis in local hospital in Nigeria. I have suffered wong diagnosis and lack of treatment for years. I was physically and mentally broken and was unable to deal with the pain and the foul smell that comes with cancer.”

 She adds, My intimates and I got no examine scared roughly this influence and in the region of the inform of a local doctor approved to visit Dr Anthony Pais at Cytecare for treatment."

 "Skin cancer on the breast and infiltrating it is the rarest of the rare cancers in the world. This was the first treatment for a rare form of skin cancer – Syringocystadeno carcinoma paplliferum, which was diagnosed and treated in the world. It is one such case where the right diagnosis was the game-changer in the treatment of the disease,” claimed Dr Anthony Pais.
He continued:

 “There are two types of skin cancer – melanoma and non-melanoma, most of them being non-melanoma. Among all the non-melanoma skin cancers, 75% of them are basal cell cancers; 20% of them are squamous cell cancers and about 2% of them being adnexal skin tumours. Most of these adnexal tumours are benign. The rarity of this adnexal skin cancer involving the breast is the rarest of the rare cancer. In this case, the problem started with the wart and with a birthmark close by, which is technically called a nevus. This grew over a period of time.”

Amina is traditional to reward to Nigeria approaching Saturday and will continue a follow-taking place at a Nigerian hospital for roughly two more months. 
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The 19year old Abducted daughter of Lagos councillorship candidate regains her freedom

The 19year old Abducted daughter of Lagos councillorship candidate regains her freedom

The 19 year primordial daughter of APC councillorship candidate in Odi Olowo Local council progression place of Lagos divulge, Bode Adeosun, Bukola, who was kidnapped at the Illupeju place of Lagos make a clean breast approaching Tuesday June 20th, has regained her reprieve.

Bukola was out dispensation an errand behind her sister upfront she was abducted by some persons riding in a black Toyota car. The kidnappers ordered her into their vehicle at gunpoint and drove off bearing in mind her.

Three days after she was kidnapped, her unconscious body was dumped at Damegoro Street in Mushin in the in promote hours of today June 23rd. According to intimates sources, she was blindfolded and her hands and legs were tied together surrounded by a rope.

It is alleged that one of the conditions for her general pardon was for her father to write a letter to the chairman of the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC), informing him of his termination from the race for the outlook of a councillor in Odi Olowo Local paperwork Area.

Bukola is currently receiving medical care at an undisclosed hospital.
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

600 high-rise buildings in England might be in danger of fire - British Government says

600 high-rise buildings in England might be in danger of fire - British Government says

In answer to the flare at Grenfell Tower, the 24-version apartment block that was gutted by a deafening blaze in west London last week, the British running is triumph tests around 600 tall-rise buildings across England which are covered in cladding.
As at today, combustible cladding has been found something back at least three tower blocks in the UK, according to the Department for Communities and Local Government.
British Prime Minister Theresa May with said that at least 100 buildings a day are monster tested, behind residents creature informed of the findings.
Previously, Downing Street had said that there were in this area 600 tall-rise buildings when "same cladding" to that used at Grenfell Tower.

But hours future, the Department for Communities and Local Government clarified that the 600 figure was in insinuation to high-rise buildings covered in any type of cladding, rather than "same" cladding to that at Grenfell.

The confirmation reads:

"The situation is that 600 buildings have cladding -- it is not similar to Grenfell Tower, it is all types of cladding," a spokesman for the DCLG said. "Of these 600, we want landlords to check if they have ACM (aluminum composite material) cladding. Of those 600, some of those would have ACM; we want to test them to see if they have ACM."

At least 79 people are dead or missing and presumed dead gone the blaze that tore through the 24-relation high-rise, domicile to 125 families, in the to the front hours of June 14, 2017. 
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Why I changed Facebook's mission - Mark Zuckerberg

Why I changed Facebook's mission - Mark Zuckerberg

Since inception, Facebook's mission avowal has been, ' meet the expense of people the knack to allocation and make the world more door and associated'.
Now the Mark Zuckerberg led company has just misused it's mission verification to entre, 'to manage to pay for people the facility to construct community and bring the world closer together'.
Speaking in why there was need to bend it, Zuckerberg said:

'We used to have a sense that if we could just do those things, then that would make a lot of the things in the world better by themselves, But now we realize that we need to do more too. It's important to give people a voice, to get a diversity of opinions out there, but on top of that, you also need to do this work of building common ground so that way we can all move forward together'.

 He adds that, 'a lot of what we can do is to help create a more civil and productive debate on some of the bigger issues as well'.
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Los Angeles City considers renaming Rodeo Road in southwest after Us Ex-president Barrack Obama

Los Angeles City considers renaming Rodeo Road in southwest after Us Ex-president Barrack Obama

The Former US President Barrack Obama might soon have the Rodeo Road in Los Angeles named after him as the City Council have begun the process in added to honour him for his legacy.

The Rodeo Road is 3.5miles long, along which Rancho Cienega Park, the scene where Obama held his first Los Angeles disturbance after announcing himself a candidate for Presidency in 2007.

Los Angeles City Council President, Herb Wesson made the advertisement around Twitter proverb:

'Nine years ago I had the honor of introducing then Senator Obama at his first campaign rally held at Rancho Cienega Park on Rodeo Road. Our council district is home to Washington Blvd., Adams Blvd., and Jefferson Blvd., and today we begin the process of making it a home to Obama Blvd.”
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13-year-old Nigerian boy declared missing in UK

13-year-old Nigerian boy declared missing in UK

The Police in Greenwich, UK are tempting for the public's dispel to locate a missing 13-year-antique boy from Thamesmead. Agbolade Amusa, was last seen at approximately 12:30hrs as regards Wednesday, 21 June at Aldi, in Thamesmead, SE28.
He is a black boy, roughly 5ft 7ins high and has a south London accent. He was last seen wearing a tracksuit and a 'puffa' style coat.
Officers are increasingly concerned for Agbolade's wellbeing and urge anyone taking into account meet the expense of an opinion in parable to speaking his whereabouts to call police a propos the subject of 101 or Missing People upon 116000.
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Fitness blogger dies of cardiac arrest after whipped cream dispenser exploded into her chest

Fitness blogger dies of cardiac arrest after whipped cream dispenser exploded into her chest

A popular French lifestyle and fitness blogger has died after whipped cream dispenser exploded into her chest. Rebecca Burger died of cardiac arrest after the dispenser exploded and struck her chest.

Rebecca's intimates announced her death in a appendix regarding her Instagram page. They shared a photo of the whipped cream dispenser that killed her and explained how it happened. She was sound medical attention hastily gone the incident but it could not sticking together her energy.
Accompanying the photo her relatives shared upon Instagram to avow her death, was a caption telling people of the dangers of that type of dispenser and warned that "thousands of defective devices are yet in circulation".

"Here is an example of a siphon that exploded and crashed into Rebecca's chest, causing her death", the post said.
Fans took to  Rebecca's pages to post condolence messages.
"I'm so shocked. To leave this way so unjust and so tragic is so atrocious," one wrote.
"I'm so very sorry. I will continue to pray for all her loved ones," said another.
Rebecca had over 55,000 fans on Facebook and 154,000 followers on Instagram where she usually posted about fitness and travel. 
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NDLEA seized 15,064.62kg of cocaine, heroin worth N225 trillion at Lagos State ports since 2006

NDLEA seized 15,064.62kg of cocaine, heroin worth N225 trillion at Lagos State ports since 2006

The Chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Col. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah said that the Agency has seized on top of 15,064kg of cocaine and heroin at the Tin Can and Apapa ports by now 2006 taking into consideration an estimated value of 225 trillion naira.
Abdallah said that drug barons are targeting the ports for their illicit drug activities but the Agency will resist their scheming. The drugs be stuffy to 14,813.40kg of cocaine and 251.22kg of heroin.

"The seaports are high risk drug trafficking locations because of the movement of large volume of consignments. Official record of drug seizures at the ports underscores the volatility of the ports in drug trafficking. Since 2006, the Agency has seized over 15,064kg of cocaine and heroin at the Lagos ports. The country cannot afford to condone this criminal trade because such huge proceeds in the hands of drugs cartels is threatening. We shall continue to screen incoming and outgoing vessels thereby making the ports impregnable to drug trafficking organisations".

Abdallah added that the presence of the NDLEA at the ports is of vast economic and security lead to the country and that the Agency will retain nimbleness and heighten any feint targeted at disrupting her operations at the seaports. The Agency has the cheers of the Federal Government to ham it going on at the ports and this onerous answerability shall be diligently and effectively discharged. Abdallah reiterated that the NDLEA will have the funds for a deferential response reasonably priced trial in preventing the seaports from inborn used for drug trafficking.
Some of the spectacular drug seizures made at the ports combined 14.2 metric tons of cocaine imported from Chile and intercepted in June 2006 at the Tin Can Island Port Lagos. The drug which was concealed in a shipment of white cement was rated the single largest kidnap of cocaine in Africa and fifth largest in the world. There is moreover the much-admired suit of 450.400kg of cocaine hidden in processed wood. The drug imported from Chile by a Taiwanese and a Chinese drug baron was intercepted at the Tin Can Island Port, Lagos in July 2010.
In totaling, 137.73kg of heroin was intercepted at the Tin Can Island Port, Lagos in November 2010. The heroin hidden in industrial equipment and sewing threads was imported from the Republic of Iran. Cocaine weighing 165kg packed in 150 square parcels inside 38 cartons of floor tiles imported from Bolivia was equally intercepted at the Tin Can Island Port Lagos in January 2011. A week difficult, 110kg of cocaine was detected inside twenty-five (25) packs of floor tiles containing 4 parcels each which originated from Bolivia moreover at Tin Can harbor.
In May 2012, 113.49kg of heroin industrially concealed in three moulding machines imported from Islamabad, Pakistan in a 20 feet container was intercepted at the Tin Can Island Port Lagos in May 2012. The shipment was monitored and intercepted by NDLEA officials at Okota place of Lagos even if it was swine taken to a private warehouse.
The NDLEA boss called in the region of harbor operators to collaborate and go without the Agency in ensuring zero tolerance for drug trafficking at the ports. 
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Cocaine trafficking: Lagos socialite Arike Ogundipe pleads not guilty, gets bail

Cocaine trafficking: Lagos socialite Arike Ogundipe pleads not guilty, gets bail

The Suspected drug kingpin and Lagos socialite, Mrs Fumilola Arike Ogbuaya a.k.a. Arike Fumilola Ogundipe was arraigned by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on the order of Thursday,June 21, before Justice Hadiza Rabiu Shagari of the Federal High Court, Ikoyi Lagos in an amended case No. FHC/L/124c/2017, Federal Republic of Nigeria adjacent to Omolara Odeyemi a.k.a. Ariyo Monsurat Olabisi and Fumilola Arike Oggbuaya a.k.a. Arike Fumilola Ogundipe.

The defendant who is facing a three insert war of conspiracy, aiding and procuring of substances found to be cocaine pleaded not guilty to the entire three insert case.

The defence hint Barrister Onifade moreover applied for the bail of Mrs Fumilola assuring the court that she will be available for measures but the prosecuting hint, Barrister Abu Ibrahim strongly opposed the bail application. Abu presented a letter from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission stating that the defendant jumped bail in a conflict brought closely her by the commission.
Justice Shagari in her ruling settled her bail application re the arena that the first defendant, Omolara Odeyemi a.k.a. Ariyo Monsurat Olabisi had been chosen bail. The bail was granted in the sum of five million naira when two sureties in subsequently than quantity. Both sureties must be civil servants as regards grade level 14 within the jurisdiction of the court. Sureties to agree evidence of utilities as soon as water and lighthearted. The skirmish council was furthermore mandated to confirm the bail conditions.

She was however remanded in prison custody pending the perfection of the bail conditions. The battle was furthermore adjourned to June 28 and 29 2017 for events.
Mrs. Fumilola was implicated in a warfare of unlawful exportation of 1.595kg of cocaine to Saudi Arabia in February 2017 at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA).
Officers visited her Lagos blazing in description to a follow-taking place operation but she was not at home. The suspect as well as ignored credited invitation for several months from the Agency requesting her to supportive herself in the ongoing cocaine chemical analysis.
When all attempts to admit on her fruitless, she was avowed wanted. Few weeks higher, she presented herself by now the NDLEA for scrutiny.
The Agency had furthermore secured an the stage forfeiture order for several assets worth billions of naira traced to Mrs Fumilola. Besides, the Agency is on the go upon a firm forfeiture order upon the landed properties and assets traced to Mrs Fumilola Arike Ogbuaya a.k.a. Arike Fumilola Ogundipe in Lagos, Ogun and Osun States.
The assets put in Arike Plaza, some plots of house and buildings in strategic locations. The Lagos socialite who is a distributor of alcoholic drinks is needed by the NDLEA in an ongoing investigations. She hails from Ilesa, Osun State.
The NDLEA Chairman/Chief Executive, Col. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah (retd.) has expressed gigantic optimism when the build taking place totaling that there was plenty evidence to successfully prosecute Mrs Fumilola.

"I am glad with the arraignment and I am confident that the defendant will be diligently and successfully prosecuted. There is enough evidence to win the case because we have done a detailed investigation" Abdallah stated.

 The NDLEA boss assured members of the public that justice will be served at the halt of the day.
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The Ghanaian Government investigates passports issued to Nigerian kidnapper kingpin, Evans and his family

The Ghanaian Government investigates passports issued to Nigerian kidnapper kingpin, Evans and his family

The Ghana's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration is investigating the circumstances surrounding the Ghanaian passports issued to Nigerian flee like kingpin, Chikwudubem Onwuamadike aka Evans' and his intimates.

Ghana's Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Charles Owiredu told Joy NewsThursdaythat any persons found to have played a role in the issuance, would be duly dealt when according to the exploit.

According to him, preliminary investigations into the issue have revealed, two children of the kidnapper era-fortunate their Ghanaian passports in 2010 even though the wife had hers in 2013.

He moreover declared that the arrested kidnapper was issued a passport from the Accra Passports Office roughly 10 January 2013 under the produce an effect message 'Asare Nelson'.

Mr. Onwuamadike who happens to have relocated his relatives to Ghana because of the nature of his situation was recently arrested in Lagos. He's held answerable for coordinating several high-profile kidnappings and armed robberies within several states in the country.
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South African Hawks arrest 7 suspects with explosives worth over N9.3million

South African Hawks arrest 7 suspects with explosives worth over N9.3million

The South Africa's Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) a.k.a. the Hawks has arrested seven suspects in Mpumalanga for unlawful possession of explosives worth around R3.7-million (N9.3M)

The suspects five men and two women appeared in the in the previously the Tonga Magistrates Court upon Wednesday and were granted bail of R1 500 bail each.

Monalo Khoza Thulisile Nkomo Sfiso Bonge Shabangu Ronnei Lwazi Shabangu Bheki Shabangu Godfrey Sempira and Skhumbuzo Khoza were arrested a propos Tonga after authorities avowed information just about people selling explosives.

Preliminary explore revealed that the suspects are share of an illegal network acquiring military explosives from Mozambique.

The then-door court manner is scheduled for July 31.
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NCFRM commissioner accused of diverting Saudi date meant for IDPs, breaks her silence

NCFRM commissioner accused of diverting Saudi date meant for IDPs, breaks her silence

Sadiya Farouq, the Federal Commissioner of the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced persons, NCFRMI, has uncharacteristic her silence more than her alleged role in the diversion of dates talented to Nigeria by Saudi doling out to be distributed to IDPs.

Last week, the Saudi Arabian dispensation raised alarm more than the sale of the date weighing 200 tonnes which were unquestionable to Nigerians who are happening for pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia or obtained from the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Nigeria.

The fruits has been marked either "Free" or "Not for sale" were unconditional for closely based concerning the appointment that those taking it are going to pay for it to the poor, especially those in the Internally Displaced Persons camps. The fruit were found re concerning sale in markets in Borno State.

Dr. Yahya Ali Mugram, the Charg de Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Nigeria and the current Acting Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Nigeria, who avowed the savings account had expressed displeasure at the go forward.

Mrs Farouq said the allegations were baseless and aimed at defilement her image. Read her full confirmation as obtained by Daily Nigerian:

Malicious falsehood adjoining the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced persons and my person has once viral upon social media alleging diversion and sale of the facility of Dates by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia to our Persons of Concern.

Since the presentation of the Dates to us for onward delivery to the Internally Displaced Persons and the subsequent complain by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia to the effect that the Dates have been sighted at the markets, the rumour mills and talebearers went to involve ahead spewing all express of untrue and unsubstantiated allegations of the Commissions involvement in the alleged diversion of the Dates.

The latest is the aggravate upon my person clearly because the persons displaced by cattle rustling and armed banditry in Zamfara divulge, where I happen forward from benefitted from the distribution of the Dates. Curiously, some reliable sources in the Commission are bodily quoted in this desperate incorporation uphill of calumny. The feeding frenzy which greeted the twisted official assertion upon social media that I have diverted the Dates and stored them in Zamfara has remained vicious. A press reprieve earlier issued by the Commission, detailing how the distribution exercise was carried out has been ignored therefore did not abate the frenzy. In fact one of the online media houses which contacted the Commission, The Daily Nigerian, seeking answers was supplied once photographs of the distribution exercise but they never aggravated to state them.

On the accusation that Dates were taken to traditional rulers, indeed they were. Primarily because the IDPs flesh and blood in their domains as host communities. We have no doubt that the royal fathers carried out the assignment of Distribution diligently.

For the avoidance of doubt let me restate that the allegations are as untrue as they are spurious. And their conveyors and their sponsors should withhold in the associated of the image and integrity of our enjoyable nation. It is rather unfortunate that a straightforward gesture intended to bring succour to our internally displaced brothers and sisters has turned into a weapon of subterfuge by unidentified figures to achieve sinister motives.

It is upon baby book that, in front my assumption of commitment as the Federal Commissioner, National Commission For Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons, I have include my modest efforts towards turning things in symbol to and putting the Commission in the best attainable badly distress and form to speak to upon its mandate. Is it not mind boggling that upon all the interventions the Commission has carried out towards improving the conditions of its Persons of Concern, why is it that its single-handedly Dates that will be diverted?
I turn to space that despite this round of malice and disquiet of calumny, I refuse to be inattentive. I remain obstinate in the quest to twist the Commission into a first class humanitarian encourage deliverer whose impact will continue to be felt by its Persons of Concern.

NCFRM commissioner accused of diverting Saudi date meant for IDPs, breaks her silence
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Lagos State High Court remands two in prison for internet fraud

Lagos State High Court remands two in prison for internet fraud

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, going as regards for Wednesday, June 21, 2017, arraigned one suspected Internet fraudster, Folusho Oguntoyinbo, a.k.a. Sydney, in the in front Justice Hakeem Olatunde Oshodi of the Lagos State High Court sitting in Ikeja approaching a three-complement act bearing in mind as regards possession of fraudulent documents and obtaining money by disloyal pretence to the manner of N700, 000(Seven Hundred Thousand Naira).

One of the counts reads:

''That you, Folusho Oguntoyinbo (a.k.a. Sydney) sometime in 2016 in Lagos within the Ikeja judicial division, with intent to defraud, obtained the sum of Seven Hundred Thousand Naira from Roy Torgerson by falsely representing to him that you were Sydney A., female, which representations you knew to be false."

 The 31-year-early suspected fraudster, however, pleaded not guilty back the charges were entre to him. In view of his plea, the skirmish recommendation, Ayanfeoluwa Ogunsina, asked the court for a measures date and pleaded that the accused be remanded in prison custody.

However, the defence opinion, M.O. Lawal, told the court of a pending application for bail of his client.

Justice Oshodi adjourned the matter to July 13, 2017 for hearing of the bail application and ordered the accused to be remanded in prison custody.

In a associated press in bolster, the EFCC in addition to arraigned a devotee of a syndicate of Internet fraudsters, Ojo Adedayo, a.k.a. Kate, in the forward Justice Oshodi approaching a three-accumulate deed later than upon possession of fraudulent documents. One of the counts reads: That you, Ojo Adedayo (a.k.a. Kate) sometime in 2016 in Lagos within the Ikeja judicial disaffection, carefully to defraud, had in your possession a document titled "Me", which document you knew contained untrue pretence."

However, the 22-year-old suspect pleaded not guilty following the charges were admittance to him.

Justice Oshodi adjourned the modify to July 13, 2017 for hearing of the bail application and remanded the suspect in prison custody.
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(Full Details) Olayode ‘Toyo Baby’ Juliana Finally Opens Up About Her Departure From Jenifa Diaries

(Full Details) Olayode ‘Toyo Baby’ Juliana Finally Opens Up About Her Departure From Jenifa Diaries

Early this year it was confirmed that Olayode Juliana, popularly known as Toyo Baby in Funke Akindele-Bellos nimbly-liked Television comic series, Jenifas Diaries, has been clip from production. This was initially denied by Juliana during her answer to our postscript upon social media, but she has now come tidy about their misunderstanding.

In a state upon her website minutes ago, she opened occurring about their association, claiming that she was Funkes unofficial; Personal Assistant, Makeup artist, Caterer, Costumier, Driver, Cleaner, Washer girl, Masseur, Prayer handbag and Script helper.

Read what she wrote after the scratch...

It hurts when people spread lies about you and you cannot do anything to defend yourself. But thank God for a platform like this. I would be saying a lot of things; it would be a long read but I promise you would enjoy reading. I would be stating in clear terms the relationship I had with Aunty Funke.

I used ‘had’ and would be talking in past tense because like you know, I am presently not on the Jenifa’s Diary series. And guess what? The news just broke lately, but I have been off the series since May,2016 (last year); it’s been over a year already.

My post would be in two parts; who Aunty Funke was to me (Juliana), and then, who I was to her. These are things only few people know but I am ready to let the world know.

 Yes! I will start with her. Why? She’s an amazing person and I can’t wait for you to know how lovely she is on a one-on-one basis. We all have our flaws but we choose rather to celebrate our strengths. Here goes!

Aunty Funke to Juliana!


Aunty Funke met me for the first time at the auditions of Jenifa’s Diary (she did not know me prior to that day). She saw my talent and believed in me.

I worked with her for years; she trained me and helped me in becoming a better actress. She would not take anything short of excellence from her cast. I honestly have not seen anyone in Nollywood more hard working than Aunty Funke. And she made it a duty to correct me and coach me on being better.


Aunty Funke helped pay my mum’s hospital bill for a fibroid surgery, two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250,000), because I had no money at that time. She also gave to the ministry dear to my heart, MINE Teenage Ministry when we were preparing for an event, one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) and my pastor called to appreciate her.

So apart from my pay as an actress on the series (which I won’t mention), that’s all I received from her money-wise, asides from change she gave me for transport when leaving set because as at then, I used to jump bus, ‘keke’ and bike to and fro set up until I left the series…lol. But in all, God used her to meet that major need in my life at that time.


I fondly remember the times Aunty Funke would call me to her room while I was staying in her house (during set), and talk to me. She would take her time to advise me and encourage me as regards life in general.

One particular day I treasure was the day she came to the room I stayed and told me, in a mother’s tone that I was beautiful and she warned me sternly never to bleach. I smile whenever I remember that. God bless her kind heart!p


Aunty Funke never ceased to celebrate me. Knowing how excellent she is at what she does (acting), I was shocked, elated and excited all at once the day she told me I was a good actress. She told me I would be great and celebrated. She saw years ago what is happening today. I am thankful for her words.

Juliana to Aunty Funke!


I was privileged to be the one holding Aunty Funke’s bag while on set. I ‘kept’ the money we spent on day-to-day running and was required to balance account afterwards.

I don’t like Mathematics, so that was a lot of work…lol. Money was never unaccounted for in my keep. I ran errands for Aunty Funke and made sure all that was needed was supplied.


On set, on some occasions, when I was not acting, I was fanning and dabbing the faces of other actresses (including extras). So, this is for those that have accused me of being proud.

Please ask those I fanned and dabbed while preparing to go on set later. On some occasions, I also did my own makeup and that of some other cast. All I wanted to do was SERVE; I wanted every set to be a success.


On set, there were different occasions I served cast and crew (plus extras) food and water. At some points, I joined in washing plates when the plates were not enough to go round. And times I was not acting, and I saw the ‘Mamas’ needed help, I joined them in washing plates. They are alive to bear witness.


I hardly forget things I memorised, so I knew the continuity of major characters on the set. Aunty Funke used to ask Costumiers to confirm costumes with me. On some occasions.

I had to go to set earlier than others and leave later than others to sort out costumes, including wigs and other accessories. I looked forward to doing it and never once complained


I could not drive while on Jenifa’s Diary set, and I still cannot…lol but I woke up early on different occasions to wash Aunty Funke’s car.

The times I didn’t wash, I dusted the car. She is a neat person, so I made sure the inside of the car and the boot were tidy and clean. For me, it was pleasure serving Aunty Funke.


I lived with Aunty Funke while set was on, so I counted it my duty to clean the house. She lived in a duplex at Chevron at that time, so I cleaned the entire house.

Sweeping and moping from room to room. Scrubbing bathroom after bathroom. I arranged wardrobe after wardrobe, laid one bed after another. You would not know any of these if I am not saying this. I did all this with joy. She was special to me and you serve those you love.


Aunty Funke is neat and very tidy and she does professional drycleaning. But there were times she needed a dress washed urgently and I helped her wash. Please don’t accuse me of being proud or rude to Aunty Funke again. I SERVED her WHOLEHEARTEDLY.


Some of my fond memories with Aunty Funke are the times I cooked for Aunty Funke. I enjoyed cooking for her. I followed someone who lived with her then (name withheld) to market on different occasions to buy things we used to cook.

Please note, I had a home of my own. I stayed with Aunty Funke only when we were shooting except times she specifically asked me to come over.


I learnt how to massage with Aunty Funke; I learnt on the job…lol. I knew she was usually tired when we got back so it was my pleasure to relieve her; she sometimes slept off while I massaged her. There was a day we were on location and we did not take the oil.

Someone offered oil but as I held it, my spirit was not at peace. So, I bowed my head and prayed over the oil. I did not know Aunty Funke was watching me. When I opened my eyes, she asked what I did and I told her. Her response was “O se oko mi”, translated, “thank you my dear”.


There were different times Aunty Funke called me to pray on location, and sometimes at home. There was a time I gave her a Word of Knowledge. I had a dream once, I told her, and it happened the next day. I fasted and prayed with Aunty Funke and her sister.

She called me to pray with her at midnight at some points. She knew from the onset that I was a Christian and that I was committed to prayer. There were different times we both prayed and asked God to give us sponsors. So, for those that have accused me of being “holier-than-thou”, that is the real me o!

Everybody on every set I have gone, including Jenifa’s Diary, know I am unapologetically sold out to Jesus. I am not ‘deceiving’ anybody. That is my ‘real face’…lol


I had the pleasure of sitting and gisting with Aunty Funke at different points, whether at home or in the car. We would talk about the script. She sometimes had inspirations in the car and she would ask me to write it down so she doesn’t forget, and she would ask my opinion.

I treasure those moments. Interestingly,there was a day we were talking at the house and her husband was there. I talked about loving High School movies and Musicals.

I said I wondered why we didn’t have such in Nigeria. Then, we all started talking. JJC Skills even ‘drafted’ me into it already but we were just talking lightly. It is my joy that “INDUSTREET” is a reality today!

Let me stop here! So, with these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that you shouldn’t believe everything you read until you hear from the source.

Your question now is, what happened? Hmmm! We had a misunderstanding and I cannot disclose what happened without Aunty Funke’s permission. But if you read all I said in the post, you would gather that we were quite close. And when two people get that close, misunderstandings are bound to occur.

All I have said, you can confirm. 100% truth and UNCENSORED!!!

So, it is God, who saw my faithfulness and commitment, Who is rewarding me and announcing me to the world. Dear aspiring celeb, please SERVE and not seek to be served.

Please do well to share this post on your social media platforms via the buttons beneath this post so we can spread the TRUTH of what went down. My name has been tarnished by liars and bloggers seeking traffic. God have mercy on them!

Whew!!! This was long! Thank you for reading and allowing me pour out my mind in love. I am just a human being who does not want to be maligned falsely!
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