Monday, June 19, 2017

Chimpanzee Escapes From Jos Park

Chimpanzee Escapes From Jos Park

A chimpanzee has escaped from the Jos National Park injuring a security man even if maddening to prevent the animal from leaving then the park.

Investigation revealed that the chimpanzee was not thoroughly neatly fed and had to escape to search for food.

Though, the Chimpanzee, according to findings is still in the region of the park but effort to bring it advance into the cage has not yielded.

The General Manager of the State Tourism Corporation, Mr. John Doy as competently as the Park Manager could not be reached as press period.

However a staff at the park said, This day, a chimpanzee left its cage but it did not depart the vicinity of the Park. Obviously it was hungry because there has been insufficient food for the animals in recent era.

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