Friday, June 16, 2017

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan’s Finance Coordinator Declared Wanted By EFCC

The Deputy Chairman, Finance Committee of the Goodluck Jonathan Presidential Campaign Organisation in 2015 has been confirmed wanted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has obtained a court order to allow wanted Dr. Ngozi Olojeme, the Deputy Chairman, Finance Committee of the Goodluck Jonathan Presidential Campaign Organisation in 2015,Punch newspaperreports.

Olojeme, who served as the Chairman of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund from 2009 to 2015, was accused of diverting $48,485,127 from the NSITF.

The NSITF is a social insurance object expected to the lead taking place moreover the money for compensation to employees who be anxious from occupational accidents or diseases in the parentage of duty. The organisation is funded by deducting 1 per cent from all running and private sector employees enrolled in the plot.

However, according to documents made easily reached to The Punch, Olojeme and some directors in the company allegedly diverted billions of naira including funds intended for the payment of allowances of its staff as nimbly as compensation to contributors.

Trouble started for Olojeme brusquely after her removal by President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015.

The EFCC considering avowed a petition alleging that on summit of N50bn from the Employee Compensation Scheme fund, paid by Ministries, Departments and Agencies and private companies as competently as choice N18bn, monster the contribution of the Federal Government as understand-off see eye to eye on to the NSITF, was mismanaged and diverted into the personal accounts of Olojeme and Umar Abubakar, a former Managing Director of the NSITF.

The EFCC swiftly set occurring a team of detectives to see into the allegations.

Operatives of the commission looked into the symbol of the NSITF and outside suspicious transactions and diversion of funds.

Some funds were said to have been traced to the accounts of some consultants and contractors, who were believed to be fronts for Olojeme and add-on directors in the NSITF.

It was learnt that several directors and contractors were invited to add footnotes to their own side of the report, many of whom have since returned funds to the EFCC.

An EFCC perform, made easy to get sticking to of to to our correspondent, log on in portion,It was discovered that the NSITF accounts in First Bank of Nigeria and extra banks have witnessed a quantity turnover of more than N62,358,401,927 surrounded by 2012 and 2015 from the Employee Compensation Scheme contributions.

That out of the N62bn, the Federal Government contributed N13,600,000,000 even if the sum of N48,758,401,927.80 was contributed by the private sector. That there were several payments to individuals and companies from the NSITF bank accounts for purported contracts or consultancy facilities.

That some individuals and companies that traditional these payments, in direction, transferred portion of the monies directly to the NSITF officials even though others transferred omnipresent sums to organization de fiddle subsequent to operators who changed them to dollars.

The bank account adds that Olojeme sent her account commissioner at FBN to hoard $48m from some NSITF contractors through a BDC operator.

It states,That through this process, Dr. Ngozi Olojeme, the subsequently NSITF board chairman, has collected a unlimited unlimited of $48,485,127 from Mr. Chuka Eze (her account commissioner at FBN), which cash he collected on her behalf being the dollar equivalent of monies paid to BDCs by NSITF contractors.

That she has refused to honour invitation and each and completely one efforts to acquire her to arrive and say her own side of the financial report have proved abortive hence her arrest warrant has been obtained from court.

We ask for the EFCC chairmans commendation to allow the suspect wanted.

Unlike Olojeme, it was learnt that Abubakar had honoured the invitation of the commission.

Olojeme, who was with the convener of the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme sub-committee on the subject of Public Works and Road Rehabilitation, could not be reached for comment as she has been out of the country for subsequent to again a year.

The spokesman for the EFCC, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, declared to our correspondent coarsely the telephone that Olojeme had been avowed wanted.

He urged members of the public to have the funds for recommendation that could guide to her arrest.Yes, she has been avowed wanted. Members of the public are advised to have enough maintenance us agree to know that would guide to her arrest,he said.

A stuffy aide to Olojeme, who spoke taking into account our correspondent regarding condition of anonymity, stated that the suspect had remained incommunicado for several months.

The aide said,I dont know her whereabouts. However, shes going on to date of what is in the works.

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