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Full Details :Inside story of the last abduction that nailed billionaire kidnapper, Evans 

Full Details :Inside story of the last abduction that nailed billionaire kidnapper, Evans 

Full Details :Inside story of the last abduction that nailed billionaire kidnapper, Evans 
Home of kidnappers informant

For seven years, suspected dare-devil kidnapper, Chukwudemeje George Onwamadike aka Evans, escaped police dragnet. His deferment out during his carefree kidnapping runs had conferred vis--vis him supernatural invincibility of sort. His reign, however, came to an decrease last Saturday, after a police special squad led by Abba Kyari, an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), arrested him at his No 3, Fred Shoboyede Street, Magodo, Lagos dwelling, after a fierce gun scuffle which lasted several hours.

An abduction carried out by his gang going in excuse to speaking for February 14 this year had paved habit for his demystification. On that hours of day, which coincidentally was terribly praised all more than the world as St. Valentines Day otherwise known as lovers hours of hours of day, a pharmacist and the owner of Maydon Pharmaceutical Company, Ilupeju, Lagos, Mr. Donatus Dunu, was abducted by Evans gang.

Dunu had barely left his office in the evening along furthermore he was blocked by a vehicle. Before he knew it, Evans gun-wielding men had stepped out of the vehicle and bundled the pharmacist into their vehicle and sped off to No 21, Prophet Asaye Close, New Igando, a Lagos suburb where he was kept for three months.

Evans subsequent to demanded the payment of a quantity of one million euros as ransom. Despite efforts to make Evans see defense and shorten the maintenance, he would have none of it, even after a quantity of N100 million had been paid to him. It was either the child support was paid or Dunu paid later his vibrancy.

While looking for the money, Dunus wife, who is in addition to a director of the company, staff members organized prayers for the fix compensation of their boss. One of the workers said: We did not by yourself pray but engaged in fasting too. Who will not pray and unexpected if his or her boss was in such condition? It was in reality traumatic for us.

Unknown to Dunus wife and his workers, the person who gave the reference leading to Dunus abduction was one of the staff members of the company, identified as Emeka, who was employed more or less five years ago.

At the gangs den in New Igando, where Dunu was kept, he had unqualified happening goal when mention to the possibility of regaining his closely. But he had a massive crack in the into the future hours of Friday, May 12, 2017, though his captors were deep in nap. Despite losing his weight, Dunu managed to wriggle out of the leg-cuff he was held subsequent to. He was by yourself wearing a pair of rapid and white singlet. A perimeter fence bearing in mind blinking bottles was to become a major obstacle to his deferment out, but the victim used his bare hand to manoeuvre the shattered bottles and climbed his mannerism to pardon.

It was learnt that by now he landed into an adjoining building, he was mistaken for a fleeing robber or cultist. Security guards raised the alarm which attracted neighbours to the scene and it was providence that saved him from instinctive lynched by a mob.

One of the security guards who asked not to be named said: I just came to my faithfulness p.s. that daylight behind I started hearing the yell of robber! Thief! I came out and saying this fair-complexioned man doling out towards me. I stopped him close that mini- tanker (he mordant at a decrepit stationary tanker). He was wearing unaided his boxer taking into account his white singlet placed more or less his shoulder. There was fright signal in his eyes and he looked sick and traumatised. His body was blood-stained and there were injuries re his legs probably because he had been cuffed bearing in mind reference to his legs for a long era.

Some people were unwilling to hear to him and they wanted to admit him away. I said no, they should leave him here and otherwise call the elders of the community. I took him to the stomach of that Foursquare Church and told him to sit at the confront of the church. I later asked how much the kidnappers were demanding from him and how much he had paid and he said they were demanding N500m and he had paid roughly N100m. I was stunned. We subsequently took him to the Igando Divisional Police Station. Later that afternoon, the operatives of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) returned when him to the street, but he was for that excuse weary and in poor health; he did not even come out of the vehicle. They broke into the compound but the kidnappers had escaped. So many things were discovered in the merged, including guns, a white bus and a capacity bike. I had never seen any getting bond of bike upon this street back in addition to.

Abductors den

Number 21 Prophet Asaye Close, where Dunu was kept, is at the decrease of a unventilated facing the relationships to the street. The fused has abandoned a single bungalow. The fused is covered when interlocking stones. It is a breakdown in irony. Carved upon the admittance is the sentence Jesus is Alive. There is a doorbell upon the left side of the contact. Observing the building closely, it is easy to see why the kidnappers established for it. It is a single bungalow, as a result no huge neighbour or neighbours to snoop into their matter. It has coconut trees at the sponsorship, but there were no high rise buildings from where anybody could monitor what they were suit out.

Asked approximately the activities in the merged, our source said: They (abductors) kept to themselves. The boy there, whenever he was driving in from outside, the right to use would have been opened at the forefront he got to the access. In put in, noisy music was always wafting from the bungalow. This always muffled all noise coming from there. This happened mostly in the daylight epoch. In the night, of course, the generating set would recognize more than. So, we (neighbours) could never have known what went upon there.

With the make off of Dunu, he was lithe to make useful statements to the police roughly his invade. The following daylight, May 13, SARS operatives in four patrol vans stormed Franzaki Street, Bucknor Estate, off Isheri Osun Road. It was the rented dwelling of one of the workers of Maydon Pharmaceutical, identified as Emeka, a pharmacist. He is from Oguta, Imo State, and in his tardy 30s or to the front 40s; he has a wife and a child, according to the residents, who were rattled by the yet to be morning encounter.

Emeka was whisked away from his home by the police. Since in addition to, the residents said he has not returned.

It was upon the basis of this breakthrough that the Lagos Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, four days after Emekas arrest upon May 16 confirmed a sure faceless Evans wanted. He said: We are encouraging Nigerians to blow the whistle upon this kidnapper. Whoever blows the whistle will acquire N30 million rewards as avowed by the Inspector General of PoliceEvans has been upon the wanted list of the Police in Anambra, Edo and Lagos states for years. The suspects arrested have unqualified us vital reference, which the command is operating upon to ensure that he is apprehended by all means.

Operatives of the Inspector General of Polices the length of-kidnapping team went into acquit yourself and together along furthermore the aid of tall tech equipment, they were dexterous to track key members of the kidnap syndicate, rounded them taking place and after that set the stage for the unadulterated arrest of Evans. This came last Saturday bearing in mind Evans was demystified by the police.

Mood at the victims unbending

At the headquarters of Maydon Pharmaceutical Company Limited at 15 Wilmer Street, Ilupeju, Lagos, the space was subdued. The workers discussed in low vibes. There were several innuendoes more or less a determined Emeka from Oguta. Both Mr. Donatus Dunu, the chairman of the company, and his wife, the managing director, were not upon seat.

However, one of the male workers said they had been warned not to discuss their boss harrowing experience gone pressmen and that it was unaided the boss or his wife that can speak upon the matter. Pressed adding together, he described his boss leave suddenly as miraculous. When shown the characterize of the compound where Dunu was kept taking into account the inscription Jesus is alive, he exclaimed indeed, Jesus is live!

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