Friday, June 16, 2017

I was once kidnapped, but was released —says notorious kidnapper, Evans

Shocking revelations emerged, yesterday, as the dreaded snatch kingpin, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike assumed nameEvans, narrated to police detectives how he was abducted in 2015 by other gang of kidnappers animate in the eastern portion of the country.

This is in addition to as detectives succeeded in recovering a gold arena worth $75,000 from his quarters. In what looked taking into account the falcon not skillful to recognise the falconer, a gang of desperate kidnappers trailed Evans from Nnewi, his burning town sometime in 2015, while he was cruising in his brand totaling black latest G-Wagon towards the flyer city of Onitsha in Anambra divulge. That was the time following he was terrorizing the east gone his criminal contemporaries once late Ngwu Ekere Omu, Vampire, Osisikanku and others. He disclosed that bearing in mind than he got to a spot close to Onitsha, the gun- totting teenager men intercepted and bundled him into their car and zoomed off towards Enugu Onitsha freshen mannerism.

According to him; When they ended going on at a hidden spot which I sophisticated knew was inside one of the riverside areas in Anambra State, they brought me out for interrogation. I boldly introduced myself as Evans. Initially, they were amazed but surrounded by they started looking at me once scepticism. I along with asked them the publicize of their leader and after they reluctantly told me it was ND, quick for Ndubisi, I informed them that he was serving a prison term at the Port-Harcourt prisons. That was with they started believing that I was the notorious Evans, widely known in crime circles.

Nevertheless, they put a call to their leader in Port-Harcourt prison and as soon as they mentioned my state, he ordered them to receive me encourage to where they picked me without put off.

Vanguard private school that ND, their leader, who is yet serving a long sentence in Port-Harcourt prisons, masterminded the first kidnap incident in Lagos avow in 2011. Also, police detectives have recovered a gold field worth anew $75 from the burning of the snatch kingpin after assault out other thorough search in his mansion at Magodo phase 2, Lagos. Documents discovered inside the house in addition to showed that just four days in the facilitate on his arrest, he sent N20 million to his wife in Ghana through a Bureau de Change which was delivered to her in Ghanaian currency, Cedi. This is as they were said to have with recovered substitute mansion belonging to him in Ghana, making three, the number of mansions he has in the West African country.

In unconventional fee, Vanguard gathered that detectives attached to the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Team, IRT, led by Abah Kyari, have commenced inventory of all the landed and liven up thing properties owned by the arrested snatch kingpin, Evans. This is as they are with investigating all the transactions he carried out as soon as banks in the country within the mature he was terrorising Nigerians. Reliable sources informed that they will go ahead their dragnets to all part of the country where he operated and even neighbouring countries where he was reputed to always counsel to after collecting deafening ransoms from his victims.

Sources said Ghana and South Africa will peak the list of countries where they dream to liaise in addition to International police, Interpol, in tracking the suspects assets. According to the sources; another indispensable area the detectives will focus a propos is telecommunication. This is because, we would later to find out how he was dexterous to knock out our depth efforts towards arresting him for in view of that long. If not that the Inspector-General of Police equipped us following the latest communication gadgets, it would have been impossible to arrest Evans. So far afield, Evans, has been frustrating to recant the entire the confessional statements he made earlier during interrogation but I assure you that chosen soon, he will admittance taking place and we will nail him finally, police sources stated.

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