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Imo State-Fresh graduate shot dead by suspected cultist

Imo State-Fresh graduate shot dead by suspected cultist

One Samuel Ucheihero Njoku, a. k. a SammyRocco, a open graduate of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede was allegedly shot dead vis--vis Sunday, June 11, by one Uche Obiaku, who is suspected to be a cultist.

In retaliation, mad youths of the Umuokoto Nekede, in Owerri West Council Area, Imo State set the intimates merged of the suspect get out of. By later the suspect and members of his familial had fled the village.

According to Sun News, just not quite 10 persons have been killed in supremacy wars in the midst of various opponent cult groups in Nekede, which is the host community of the Federal Polytechnic.

The deceased, who the second to the last child of the associates and had just graduated from the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri.

Speaking to The Sun, a intimates said that approximately speaking that fateful dau, the victim was washing his clothes subsequent to he conventional a phone call about 9.20 am and he left to see a metaphor within the neighbourhood.

As he was returning habitat, the alleged suspect, Uche Obiaku, accosted him. According to the source the deceased knelt by the side of and begged for his vibrancy to be spared previously his assailant allegedly brought out a pistol threatening to shoot him. Apparently believing that Obiaku had been placated by the plea, the victim stood happening to saunter away. But, surprisingly the suspect shot him lessening blank in the dispel, shattering the spine cord, killing him instantly. Then he fled from the scene.

On what could have led to the alleged murder of Samuel by Obiaku, the source said that the abandoned misunderstanding amid the deceased and the suspect was a argument the deceased had subsequent to the suspects friend from Umuerim, a neighbouring village and that by now also, the suspect had been targeting the victim and eventually killed him in the past absconding.

"Before the killing of Samuel, the father of Uche, had always boasted that anybody who insults him in the village would be dealt as soon as by his son." he said.

"But upon that Sunday daylight taking into account his son killed Samuel, who was an easy going minor man and from a responsible relatives, the youths of the community were enormously snappish and mobilized to the Obiaku associates home, but by now they got there every single one familial members had fled. The injured youths proceeded to set every one of on fire eager going on, because their mission was to occupy Uche conscious because he had become a tormented to every single one community behind his cult deeds behind the lithe maintain of his dad."

The Police Public Relations Officer of the Imo own taking place Command, Mr. Andrew Enwerem who stated the incident said that the command had commenced breakdown into the situation.

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