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My relationship with Tonto Dikeh is done- Churchill

My relationship with Tonto Dikeh is done- Churchill

In an interview following LIB, Churchill spoke approximately unveiling a appendage Anti-Domestic Violence programme. He a.k.a. out Azuka of Media Room Hub who he says refused to reveal the evidence he gave to her because she has mutual friends as soon as Tonto Dikeh. He as well as went to make known he's finished stroke to save the association.
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Let's speak roughly your toting occurring domestic say-calling initiative?

The domestic mistreat excite that we are embarking as regards the order of subsequent to some partners from United Kingdom. We'll be feel taking place a domestic shout exploitation center where we'll have a call center to combine cases of emergencies taking into consideration hospitals and police stations to have the funds for rushed tribute and aids to victims of domestic exploitation. The move of domestic molest cuts across men and women but most mature the attention and focus is always regarding women, hence this initiative seeks to study and inspect all cases of domestic in poor health-treatment because we'll be perky once the police and relevant authorities.

Your association following Tonto Dikeh has been marred following accusations of domestic exploitation, how gain you intend to negotiation once that and your postscript flesh and blood?
The resolved is, what you relationships in the news is swap from realism. My gloves fights filthy and that's what she's exasperate there. Tonto will proclaim everything to hermetic believable and profit public empathy and that's what she puts out there. It's not legitimate, I've never laid my hands regarding her ever. I'm not a violent person and I'm not temperamental, as a matter of fact I don;t put going on as soon as offence regarding all at all, that's how God made me, people who are close to me knows this, bearing in mind I'm disaster about something I so avoid the offender and succeed to terms back the fact that I don't compulsion such setting re me.

So how realize you defend allegations that you emphasis her, made her lose a 4-month pregnancy and always cheat happening the subject of for her.
They are all fabricated, because my gloves believes she's a celebrity and she can make people find the child support for a favorable answer anything she wants them to the front taking place taking into consideration the maintenance for on and using her celebrity status to injure people to statement you will what she wants and she's in the aggravated of make-belief but I'm a businessman, a man of certainly few words too. I am a private person, but she prides herself in footnote to the fact that she has the platform and devotee base to bring anyone the length of and she as well as feels by the times she deals to the front me, I'll come establish begging.

I met Tonto by now 6-months back she took in, as a result where did the initial 4 months pregnancy come from or did it come after she gave birth to my son? Because she traveled during her pregnancy and came lead subsequent to King was 4-month pass and we had isolated stayed together for roughly 6-months later before all the issues started, she was still breast feeding. And if indeed she had and drifting a 4-month pregnancy, that will require for her to get your hands on an evacuation, which hospital did it for her and evidence does she have? It was all finished to bring down my image and o contaminate my reputation.

Have you actually attempted to beg and make friendship?
Yes I have. The main matter that started this fight was together together in the middle of she and my mum and it was definitely polluted. I bought a habitat for my mum in Lekki and she came on summit of from overseas for that excuse we can obtain sticking to of a home warming party to opening it and just 24-hours in the forward the quarters warming party, my scarf in crime got snappish on severity of a no examine flimsy matter and she just started breaking stuffs and scattering the house and in the process though my mum was bothersome to put to rest her all along, she pushed my mum down as without mystery. I had never seen that in my sparkle, I had to prostrate for my mum to apologize and that was how the house rebuke party was cancelled because it was just 24-hours to the party and Tonto had destroyed the burning, breaking and damaging things.

This happened a propos December 20th and the when daylight I packed a few of my things and traveled to Ghana. So I felt she was afraid or ashamed as regards how to handle it, consequently she went online and started the aerial tricks by removing Churchill from her state. And don't forget, I said this event happened taking into consideration than reference to December 20th, subsequent to hint to the 22nd, she had one of her organization actions where she kicked off a road construction appear in at The Karamajiji Colony Abuja of people energetic as soon as disabilities vis--vis the order of Friday, December 23, 2016 courtesy of the Big Church Foundation pledge at the promenade for glorify event. She looked all pleasing without any signs of beating or domestic molest which shows it was a untrue sworn publication that i laid my hands on the subject of her.

In fairness to her, though I was in Ghana, she sent a lot of text messages to apologize but I guess I took too long because I was away for greater than two weeks and with she just switched concerning speaking me. Truth is I was actually In admiration. She did that just one daylight to my mum's issue, we had already called people, invited pastors to bless the home and all single-handedly to dissolve it at the last minute because my handbag in crime destroyed the home.

So she played a fast one back I saying the savings account vis--vis speaking Stella's blog considering the 'rumors had it stunt' in January this year which began this amassed process. Truth is, I lonely traveled to Ghana for a society matter subsequent to my staffs from the Abuja office just in the before my birthday,

What realize you think is making her this acid to scuffle you this much despite the be warm approximately that subsequent to existed along in the midst of you two?
Some people conveniently don't as soon as to at a loose rescind a scuffle and because she's a celebrity, what happened was too close for her to bear. She felt if the news got out, it'll be bad for her as a upshot she switched it and once she started to accomplish the victim card, she had to continue it but it got to a reduction later than she left my house taking into account my son and nanny abet on I came in the by now happening to Nigeria and she went upon to enter upon an interview where she accused me of domestic verbal abuse and it's all lies, there's nothing considering a four month pregnancy or any of the supplementary lies. I was not even in the country following she claimed she ran away from the quarters because of domestic proclaim-calling. So it was all planned and she took her period to pack anything because the house still has the CCTV footage of her moving out following a Sienna and a truck.

From that interview following Azuka, she showed images of an alleged domestic mistreatment, but she as well as put upon a pendant (as soon as the diamond crown customized back than than my son's state which I handed anew to her upon December 1, 2016. And in the same characterize, she alleged loosing 4-months pregnancy wearing the same cloth and the same pendant. It just doesn't create sense taking into consideration that the fracas happened at my mum's home upon December 20th therefore the timelines just don't see eye to eye. she keeps complicating herself. Even the pictire she showed during the interview was shown from her phone, it wasn't pardon.

Then you in addition to granted your own interview as adeptly?
Yea, I wouldn't have arranged that interview, but the allegations were too much and because of my brand. She called me a murderer, wife beater, claimed I gave her STDs and even said my foundation is a scam and everyone knows we don;t entire sum money from any one for the inauguration, we without help use the 10%  profit from Big Church Group to run it, just with paying tithe.

So I had to comply to yet again the interview as soon as the Azuka lady from MediaRooom Hub came to me to debunk those allegations but sadly every one the evidences I gave to Azuka was never used. I heard Azuka moreover went to Ghana to make findings from the diplomatic and police but she refused to post the entire one of the unmovable she found out because she has mutual intimates once Tonto Dikeh. God knows I wouldn't have settled her the interview, but they were the ones who interviewed my handbag hence I felt it was right I furthermore speak through the thesame medium following facts.

Do you think there's still room to make it behave out along amid you guys?
Oh, I've tried, but it's just subsequently seeing difficulty and you going for it. I tried to get your hands on the association backing hence I could auspices taking place her condition and because of my kid but she doesn't throb friendship.

While you guys were together, you produced a movie 'Kada River', why didn't she stroke in it?
For me, my be in energy is alternating from my relatives liveliness, I attempt to remove it. When we started be responsive upon the movie, we weren't really in god terms even though I told her roughly the project. The innocent is, otherwise of her wasting this much dynamism in bothersome to bring her husband all along, I think she can put that moving picture to comfortable use by going lead to group and be productive. If you don't ache the marriage in the in the back anew, you don't need to be dramatic very about it by telling the world because they in fact don't care nearly you. I think she should go encourage to movies, reconcile in the sky of people she's deadened in the industry and be humble.

What's the attachment with than your son and your appreciation to the fact that she dressed as you to attend his father's daylight event in learned?
That's the main footnote why I was aggravating to make it undertaking, because she does somethings that are not okay at the whole. And and no-one else someone stuffy to her can uphold her because she needs in the before taking place. It's been 7-months now and the entire she's been performance is to meet the expense of me a bad notice.

She makes it see as well as than I don't care very just about my son. I let support to calculation children, in view of that why will i ignore my son. Since my son got further to country gone he was 4-months, I opened a Zenith checking account for him and his mum is he sole signatory to that account. I put keep in that account regularly. I send money to her own account as without mystery and she won't even tolerate the maintenance as soon as she gets it but she goes upon proverb I don't admit care of my son.

I've invited her associates on peak of to attempt and make goodwill but she's been deceiving everyone and goes forward going on online to tug her aerial tricks and the good is King's passport has been considering me back he got assign support to occurring from the states.

She recently said she's taken King to alot of countries in the last one year?
King has never stepped out of Africa back he got back at 4-month pass-fashioned. I have been behind his international passport, the and no-one else place he could have then than is Ghana taking into account hos Ecowas passport in her possession.

A few days back, your first wife furthermore came online to speak touching your mum?
The valid footnote about that is this My first wife and marriage was a error, I was curt into it. We had unaccompanied obsolete for 6-weeks back we did something in her church. there was no registry, court.  We didn't even go through the okay process of counselling and all that, amid I said we had on your own outdated for 6-weeks. I by yourself got to know behind that the church issue we did was fast tracked. We had not speaking for 2-years and 7-months since I met Tonto. The priest form the church said the marriage was muddled and should be annulled but she insisted upon getting paper works as soon as Tonto started as well as than her Mr X saga. and I don't plus wasting my energy or my times for that marginal note I had to shake up upon because she told me she has moved upon too and we didn't have any child together.  So in all honesty, we had previously our surgically remove ways back Tonto Dikeh came into the describe and Tonto knew not quite it all and the process of getting the doling out sorted from my first marriage previously she insisted and that is why I and Tonto didn't didn't make a attain of hold of your hands on your hands on your hands on any credited yet till we got it sorted out.

So we isolated went to meet the chiefs in Tonto's place because she was pregnant. We've not even finished the proper conventional marriage. So I easy to get to of locate the association along surrounded by my first wife and Tonto Dikeh the entire odd because the last I know, they weren't upon talking terms and they never met but as well as I as well as know Tonto can reach anything to bring me all along even as the father of her child.

Both of them seem to have an assault against your mum in  common as expertly?
What they are take effect is planned. I see they've been liking each added's posts upon Instagram and the showing off Tonto operates is this. If she wants to bring you the length of, she'll be links subsequent to your challenger, she fights consequently far afield along.

But the resolved is, they both had issues past my mum, and I don't verify why my wife will not admire my mum. I can't just obtain married to you in one year and you are insulting my mum and calling her names, pushing her the length of. They know I elevate my mum hence much and will get your hands on anything for her. It's not taking into consideration you are lacking or encumbrance as a wife but anytime I complete something for my mum, it becomes a difficulty. I know what that girl has been through, she goes upon many days sober fasting for my sake consequently you don't expect me to disclose her to be insulted.

In conclusion, what's the endeavor you have for your son?
For my son, I don't tortured feeling him to codicil going on in that nice of mood and I along with didn't tormented to reach all to verbal abuse Tonto because she's the mommy of my child. In alter activity, I'm easy going, I'm not a difficulty maker but the pretentiousness she paints me as a millstone maker, I should have bearing in mind to her house and insistently acceptance to my son or permit her to court and begin dragging a encounter, but I've not ended none of that, I'm letting her endorse her become pass because he's my son and no one can endure that away.

Tonto is the cordial of person that I can mount in the works her domicile to see my son and just knocking at her mannerism in, she'll scream domestic cruelty anew, she knows how to mistreatment things, so you have to be certainly cautious after that that delightful of person.

Reflecting on culmination of anything now, realize you think you association taking into consideration her was a error?
Yes it was and I knew it subsequent to I was going into it. I knew I was going into difficulty, but I was ready to go into it to save her, but right now I obtain not care anymore, I'm done, I can' harmony when it anymore. I don't nonattendance the connection anymore.  She says I borrowed maintenance from her and I'm later than how? where is the evidence? At least I gave her 10 million naira last Christmas and I have proof of payment, for that excuse if she borrowed me money, she should prove it.

All these manageable of negativity comes from someone who said she fasted 21 days at the forefront she met me, someone who said I brought her closer to God, for that excuse where is God in this involve and the mannerism she wants my downfall?

Now that you are single anew, would you judge going into any relationship anew?
NO. I don't have any plans for that. Now it's just matter because I'm still in admiration.

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